Tuesday 2 July 2024

Review: Broxbourne Hustings (30.06.24)

Sunday evening we were thrilled to host the Broxbourne Hustings at Wormley Community Centre with support from the Broxbourne Muslim Community.

The Community Centred was standing room only, not even the England football match going to extra time could keep people away, with more than 150 in attendance to hear from the five candidates that were present. These were Nicolas Belfitt (Lib-Dem), Lewis Cocking (Conservative), Catherine Deakin (Labour), Brett Frewin (English Constitution Party), and Martin Harvey (UKIP). Owen Brett (Green) and Tom Holdsworth (Reform) were unable to attend.

The debate was good humoured and far ranging covering topics such as: the question of the UK’s role in world affairs and the impact this has on Broxbourne citizens; access to health and social care; the impact of climate change on Broxbourne; integrity in politics; and what the candidates would like us to pray for after the election. The similarities and differences between the parties were made clear without attempts to slight or talk across each other.

Time was against us, with the candidates and the audience enthusiastically exploring each topic. This meant not all of the submitted questions were answered, but we went away with us knowing our candidates better and the candidates knowing us and our concerns better too (they received copies of all the questions that had been submitted).

We will be praying for all the candidates in the coming days that God would work in them and through them for the good of our community and country.

Photos by John Forrest

Wednesday 12 June 2024

Broxbourne Hustings 2024

Churches Together will again be hosting a hustings for the upcoming General Election, this time supported by the Broxbourne Muslim Community. To find out more, visit the dedicated Broxbourne Hustings page.

Worship & Word Gathering - 13.06.24

Join us to celebrate together on Thursday 13th June, 7pm, at Hoddesdon Methodist Church 

Wednesday 13 March 2024

Easter with Churches Together 2024

This year Churches Together will be holding its annual Good Friday Service at the Clock Tower in Hoddesdon at 11am (29th March). Do come and join us - there are rumours of Cadbury's Creme Eggs...

Alongside this our member churches will be holding a variety of Easter activities, for details see their individual websites or the list below (this list will be updated as we receive details from them):

Broxbourne URC
PALM SUNDAY - 24th March
10.30am, Palm Sunday All Age Service
8pm, Maundy Thursday evening service (at Hertford URC)
EASTER SUNDAY - 31th March
10.30am, Easter Sunday service

Hoddesdon Baptist Church
7.45pm, Reflective Communion Service
GOOD FRIDAY - 29th March
10am, Good Friday Reflection
EASTER SUNDAY - 31st March
10am, All Age Service

Hoddesdon Methodist Church
7-7:30pm start 
GOOD FRIDAY - 29th March 2024
EASTER SUNDAY - 31st March
10.30am, Holy Communion and All-Age Service

St. Augustine's CofE, Broxbourne
PALM SUNDAY - 24th March
11am, Holy Communion then Easter Egg Hunt on the Rec 12-3pm (organised by Broxbourne Primary School PTA)
GOOD FRIDAY - 29th March
2pm, Family-friendly service with refreshments and hot cross buns afterwards in the Parish Centre
EASTER DAY - 31st March
8am, Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)
11am, Holy Communion

St. Augustine's Catholic Church, Hoddesdon
8.30am, Exposition 
9am, Morning Prayer
9.15-9.45am, Confessions
7–7.30pm, Confessions
8pm, Evening Mass of the Lord's Supper:
Mass of the Lord’s Supper, with procession to the Altar of Repose
9.30pm-Midnight, Praying at the Altar of Repose
GOOD FRIDAY - 29th March
9.00am, Morning Prayer
9.30-10.30am, Confessions
12-3pm, Prayer before the Cross
3pm, Celebration of the Lord's Passion: 
Liturgy of the Passion, with Veneration of the Holy Cross, and Holy Communion
6.30–7pm, Confessions
7pm, Stations of the Cross
HOLY SATURDAY - 30th March
9.45am, Morning Prayer
10–11am, Confessions
9pm, Mass of the Easter Vigil:
Easter Vigil, with the new fire, vigil of readings, blessing of water;
and the first Mass of Easter
EASTER SUNDAY - 31st March 
9.15am & 11.15am

St. Catherine and St. Pauls, Hoddesdon

St. Cuthbert's, Hoddesdon
7.30pm, Joint Communion service at St Catherine & St Paul’s
GOOD FRIDAY - 19th March
7.30pm, East Herts Church Choir Service at St Cuthbert’s
EASTER DAY - 30th March
6.30am, Sunrise Service at the Gate House lasting about ½ hr 
7.30am, Breakfast in the Church Hall
10am, Family Communion Service

St. Laurence, Wormley
PALM SUNDAY - 24th March 
9:30am, Holy Communion
7:30pm, Holy Communion with stripping of the altar
GOOD FRIDAY - 29th March 
2pm, Last hour at the cross (a reflective service)
EASTER SUNDAY - 31st March 
9:30am, Holy Communion

Wormley Free Church
PALM SUNDAY - 24th March
10:30am, Palm Sunday All-Age Service, Wormley Community Centre
GOOD FRIDAY - 29th March
6pm, Good Friday Communion, a joint service at Rosedale Community Church, Cheshunt
EASTER DAY - 31st March
10:30am, All Age Easter Celebration, Wormley Community Centre