Sunday 7 March 2021

Hope in Tough Times Photo Competition - Easter Praise!

John Yates from Amwell Studio in Hoddesdon explains the 'Hope in Tough Times' photo competition

Take a photo that communicates 'Hope' to you

Upload your picture here (must be at least 2Mb):

If you would like to, include some text explaining the picture

Maybe spend some time 'liking' other entries

Look out for your photo being featured in Easter Praise, the CTHBW livestream event at 7.30pm on Easter Sunday on Facebook and YouTube

Check back to the gallery after 4th April to see if you have been awarded a prize by the judge. To claim your prize get in touch with Amwell Studio

Deadline for judging 31st March

Easter Bakes Competition - Easter Praise!

Claire Bayless, Community Champion at Morrison's Supermarket in Hoddesdon explains our Easter Bakes competition

Create your favourite Easter Bake and take a photo of it.

If you can, give details of your recipe in the subtitle field
Why not give some other entries a 'like' while you are there?

Look out for your Easter Bake being featured in Easter Praise on Easter Sunday, live on Facebook and YouTube

Check back to the gallery after 4th April to see if you have been awarded a prize and message Claire the community Champion at Morrisons if you have (

Deadline for judging 31st March

Wednesday 3 March 2021

Be Part of the Easter Praise Virtual Choir!

For our Easter Praise event on Easter Sunday, we’re putting together a virtual choir and we’d love you to be a part of it! Here’s what you have to do…

1) Download the backing track (to save on a computer, right click and 'save link as') and lyrics 

2) Record yourself singing the song

IMPORTANT - you’ll need to be listening to the track so you’re singing at the right speed and pitch, but we only want a recording of you singing, not the music. To do this, listen to the music on headphones on one device and record yourself on another. Computers, smartphones and tablets should all do the trick. Make sure you’re near the devices’ microphone, but not so near that the recording distorts.

TIP - you might find it easier to sing if you have the headphones slightly off one of your ears so you can hear yourself without straining 

3) Send your recording to If your file is too large to email, try using a free service for sending larger files. We will need your recordings by the 26th March at the latest, and the sooner the better. Don’t worry about sounding perfect, instead just enjoy yourself singing. You’ll find that even if none of us are going to win awards for our vocal talents, once our voices are layered together - and I’ll use different voices at different sections - that it will sound fantastic!

Tuesday 2 March 2021


World Day of Prayer Service, Friday 5th March

‘Build on a Strong Foundation’

10.30am, login from 10:15am
Written by the women from Vanuatu 
Everyone is invited to bring a special stone to the virtual service

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 881 7158 3197
Passcode: 907581