Wednesday 23 January 2019

Prayer Points for the Winter Night Shelter - Week Three

The Broxbourne Winter Night Shelter started on 7th January 2019 and is running until 3rd March.

  • Praise God that the night shelter is continuing to go well. The number of guests each night is gradually building up, starting with two in the first week, now up to five in the third week.
  • The volunteers continue to work well together, and there has been a good atmosphere at each venue. Guests have been grateful for gloves, hats, socks and scarves, provided through the Foodbank.
  • Please pray for the venue coordinators and the core organising team, that they will have wisdom in making decisions about how to manage specific needs of guests.
  • Pray that in this cold weather, all those who need this service will find out about how to access it.
  • Give thanks for the volunteers, who have been making the guests feel welcomed and valued.

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